HalleluYAH Art

HalleluYAH Art


Hi! My name is Susie and welcome to HalleluYah Art from sunny Brisbane in Queensland, Australia!

I decided to call this gallery "HalleluYah Art" because I love the hebrew word Halleluyah which means "praise you Yah", being short for Yahweh, God's personal name.

Incidently, anywhere in the Bible where the word 'Lord' is in capitals, is where the name Yahweh was removed. At some point it was considered too holy to use by some and not put in print. However when I discovered this, I disagreed as Yahweh is a very personal and relational God and he is my Heavenly Father. Therefore it is my preference to use his personal name in addition to his title of God. The same goes for Yahshua his Son (Jesus in English). He was born into hebrew culture and was given a hebrew name, Yahshua. So on this site some of my art will use the hebrew names for both Jesus and God.

My art is strongly influenced by my love of colour being expressed in as much detail as possible. Therefore I prefer close up objects with more detail to something like a landscape. I am usually inspired by something to copy. I've dabbled at painting off and on most of my life, but really want to make it a larger part of my life, hence this site. Most of my paintings are gifts that have been given away, so it's time for me to produce some art for myself. My art is a work in progress and although I am self taught, I hope to keep learning and improving. I really hope you enjoy it.

Thanks for visiting my site,
Susie :)