Frédéric Haire

Frédéric Haire

Artistic line

By inventing free, spontaneous alexandrins, drawing in writing becomes automatic and the rhythm of the words follows the rhythm of the drawing. Even if most of the time, the texts are illegible, some words are revealed, and allow to penetrate my universe.
The essential is there, tell my story. To echo that of others. To say that we are what we have lived, what others have made us live. To chant these pieces of life, a little enigmatic, but so clear for all those who know how to see them.

Bring harmony and blur the slopes.
The assembly of all these « fragments of life » that lead to something harmonious is a principle that pleases me a lot, and echoes my personal convictions. Difference creates value, complementarity creates wealth. The mosaic composition brings a new point of view, offers another balance, blurs the tracks.

Mingle strength and sweetness, yin and yang.
The strength of writing, movement, mosaics, the sweetness of the lace of words, the energy expelled from Yang, contained in Yin. The symbols used, hidden or not, are set to build a universal language, beyond borders, cultures, individual stories. Transparency brings an extra level of reading.

A mantra is a condensed formula, formed of a series of syllables, constantly repeated in an exercise of meditation. A Mandala, meaning circle, and by extension, sphere, environment, community is a diagram is filled with symbols; Some, very elaborate and codified, become semi-figurative, semi-abstract.

Life summary
I was born in 1962, in Paris. That’s one of the only certainties about the beginning of my story. For the rest, I have doubts … These elements of history are a light on my artistic career: My father was an engineer, my father nurturing artist. Long before I knew that, I studied engineering, and I have always created and painted seriously for almost 20 years … Two fathers, two facets, two lines of life conducted in parallel.

Today, at 55, after a period of intense artistic production and presence between 2000 and 2012, followed by a pause of a few years, I create again and in a stable posture, a reflection of this dual cultural and biological origin. .
I live today in the North, near Lille, filled for 30 years by a wonderful woman with whom I built an extraordinary family with our 3 children whom I adore. I do not draw any artistic inspiration, but find at every moment a support, a strut, a pillar that revive and strengthen me.

Multiple exhibitions …
Collective and individual, in my presence or through agents, in galleries, in multiple public places or in my workshop opened for the occasion, allow me for nearly 20 years to expose my work, and to enlarge circles of fans of my work. And every time, every meeting, every sale pleases me with joy.

Frédéric Haire

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