Home Street Virtual Gallery (HSVG)

Home Street Virtual Gallery (HSVG)


Artist Bio
Horace Dozier, Sr. is a photographer and digital archivist.
His Art Exhibitions include shows at; Springfield Museum of Art, EbonNia Gallery, Society of Artists, K12 &TEJAS Gallery, The Contemporary Dayton, Schuster Performing Arts Center, National Afro-American Museum, Wilberforce, OH, President’s Residence, Univ of Dayton, Fred Roberts Triangle Gallery, The Center City Building, Heidelberg Distributing, Cincinnati, OH, African American Visual Artists Guild Gallery Dayton and the Dayton Art Institute.

Photography from his Public Art projects are included in the permanent art collections of; City of Dayton Administrative Offices, Dayton Public Schools, Centerville, OH, Cincinnati Ohio, and Tampa Florida, Horace worked as the digital Archivist for Dayton Public Schools and was trusted with overseeing the cataloging and preservation of the artifacts from twenty demolished school buildings including all the time capsules contents from each school.
He served as Historian for Roosevelt High School and collector of many of the school’s original documents, photos, and historical artifacts.

He majored in Fine Arts at Dayton Art Institute; and studied painting, drawing, and sculpture under Robert Koepnick. He would later expand his passion for art to encompass photography where his artistic ability and expression would extend well beyond the lens of his camera.

Artist Statement
“Working as a photographer and artist for more than 40 years, I have often utilized historical artifacts and history as the main themes to document and tell a story or capture a moment in time. Images not only create a timestamp, but they also capture accurate documentation of a specific event with the feelings of an artist brush. Many of my photographs depict the timeless beauty of age, generations, and the complexities of architecture. These are all things we all feel and see in our lives every day. Size does matter and my photography work is directly affected by size. The size in many ways determines how and what type of emotions you will feel from my work. To balance the colors and light with reality but at the same time to create a photograph that will draw you in. Our eyes see objects in three dimensions. Size can help or distract from this process and like many artists, for me, this will determine when my photograph is finished. Relationships of space and objects together over a specific period are what I reach for in my work. My style is still developing and I like to refer to it as a digital painting. I love it when I get comments like: “How did you do this? or Is this a painting? and I must reply, no it is a photograph”.

Digital Photographic Paintings