HR-Original Art

HR-Original Art

My name is Harley and I've been drawing since the day I could pick up a pen. I'm nowhere near a professional artist, unless you count art classes all the way through my sophomore year of high school, a little natural talent, and a life long love of art! I don't have a specific style that I stick to, it's more that I draw from whatever my inspiration is. Realism is not my strong suit but aspects of it I can manage and include them in my work (i.e. my pop art style actress portraits) I use easily controlled medium 99.9% of the time: I stick to my pen(cils) and paper.
Friends and family say I have a talent when it comes to art but of course I disagree. I am my own worst critic, however sometimes I do surprise myself as I did with some of the pieces I've put in my gallery here. I've taken requests from plenty of friends to create them something, and it usually comes about after they see something I've drawn and they ask for the piece itself (But I keep all of my original work for my personal portfolio), or they have me draw something similar with them in mind. Which I'm happy to do, hence why I'm here putting my work in some light for whomever to enjoy instead of hiding it away in my files.





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