Happy Accidents Art

Happy Accidents Art


Owners: Candace Salsedo and Brittni Allen

Brittni Allen: Artist
Brittni has worked and perfected her style of art since her junior year of high school. She has found a passion for photography, visual arts, graphic mediums, as well as acrylic, oil, and water color painting. With Bob Ross being one of the many inspirations in her life, she decided to call her Art Studio Happy Accidents, in nod to the man who helped make her who she is today.

Candace Salsedo: Manager
Though she has dabbled in some artist things, from sewing to some visual arts, Candace tends to be the face before the artist. She enjoys working with people, having 10+ years in customer service, and works as a muse for her wife and co-owner, Brittni Allen.

As a team, they are fearless, and look forward to meeting and sharing there art with others!

Modern Monsters series- Original Art

Movies and Entertainment Prints

Pokemon Art Prints


Oil Paintings