Fine Art Teneriffa

Fine Art Teneriffa

German photographer Guillermo-Enrique Menze lives and works in Puerto de la Cruz, on the Canary Island of Tenerife. After the years with product and contract photography in Germany, he dedicates himself here to his passion, the landscape and nature images. The motto in his work is: " Photography is the art of making good pictures, despite all the technology".
His works find international lovers and buyers. The works sold in early January 2021 were delivered to Warsaw, Poland - Madrid, Spain - Santa Cruz De Tenerife, Spain - Las Palmas De Gran Canaria, Spain - Weimar, Germany - Washington, United States - Las Rozas De Madrid, Spain - Rome, Italy - Mexico City, Mexico - Barcelona, Spain.
What makes photography art?
Depending on your reference, there are many different definitions and interpretations of what art photography is. One commonality is that it is photography that was taken to later be used as art. Imagine a photographer who goes to a particular landscape at a particular time of day and sets up at an ideal vantage point to capture a stunning photograph. Imagine a photographer discovering a centuries-old tree and being drawn to its natural curves and weathered bark. At the beginning of the photographic art resulting from these two scenarios, there was an idea, creative thinking and only then the technical implementation.

Indulge in images of natural landscapes, stunning architecture, human interaction, undisturbed wildlife and much more. See how light, shadow, focus, angle and color were used to manipulate the mood or effect of a photo. Whether you're decorating a home or an office.
Imagine how beautiful a piece of art like this would look on your wall. Decorate your home and beautify life with incredible artwork. Just look around my store and discover the most beautiful motifs of the Canary Island Tenerife.


Coastal Landscape

Puerto de la Cruz

Milky Way over Caldera

In the evening

Street and Art

Animal Photography

Still life