Greg Heil Art

Greg Heil Art

Chicago native Greg Heil discovered the southwest after extensive exploration with his family as a child. While still a teenager he was mentored by Bill Hixson, professor emeritus of Washington State University, world traveler and himself an accomplished landscape painter.

Eventually Greg settled in beautiful high deserts of Arizona, known for its beautiful desert flora and state parks, and can regularly be found exploring its breathtaking hidden environs.

Greg's magnificent large scale oils show his dedication to representing the vibrancy of the desert's grandeur, specifically its flora, rock formations and even its surprising waterways. He is equally adept at capturing the delicacy of flowers as the monumentality of its ancient, enormous rock formations. He is especially known for his masterful use of color.

These large-scale works, many over 6-feet tall, are known for their presence in dominating any space. They're regularly described as "glorious, "joyous" and "literally stunning".

In addition to oil painting, he is an instructor.

Greg has a large following in the U.S. as well as throughout the world.

"As an artist, it is important that my work not only create a visual likeness of these places, but also express the joy and wonder of being within them, because one day they may be lost to all of us."- Greg Heil