Kyle Gray

Kyle Gray

Even as a child I dreamed of owning my own art gallery. My plan has always been to purchase a small, inexpensive building upon receiving my first teacher retirement check. I would then take that building and turn it into my own art studio/gallery where I can display art and teach classes, free of state regulations and educational requirements.

With COVID-19 in full swing, schools on Non-Traditional Education days and my teaching being restricted to my at-home office, I found myself spending less time driving and more time thinking. Thinking about many things. I thought about things to do around the house, video games I always wanted to own, techniques in art I wanted to master, and several other one-off projects on my every growing list of to-dos. After three weeks of NTI, one spring break, and several hours of ‘not driving’, almost all of my list was complete.

So, there I was, playing the latest Animal Crossing game, custom drawing my own Pixel Artworks of famous paintings to put into my video game art gallery when I realized something; I have the internet.

Knowing this COVID-19 spread will be over soon enough, I set out on a low cost, low maintenance, online art gallery that I can operate on the side, even when school starts back up. I never had a whole lot of time, being a school teacher and running my own software company, but what better time to fulfill your dreams than the present?

I have big plans for the future of this gallery, and want to continue to expand.