Tamme Maurer (Gratus Art)

Tamme Maurer (Gratus Art)


"Everyone is an artist, so I am not saying anything about quality, I am only saying something about the basic possibility that exists in every human being ... I declare the creative as the artistic, and that is my concept of art" (J.Beuys)

Just as the great Joseph Beuys defined for himself the terms "art" and "artist", I understand myself as an artist. In doing so, I do not mess with the great artisans but merely go my very personal way. Whether other people would call me an artist, I do not know - but perhaps that is not so important.


Expressing my emotions is essential for me. My pictures should show people what touches and moves me. I would like to convey positive feelings and make visible at least a part of what I recognized for myself to be true. At the same time, I try to make the viewer of my paintings aware of the wonders of nature and the beauty of our world.
With my art, I want to encourage people to think and bring them closer to their emotions. In our performance-oriented society, we tend to perceive feeling and understanding as two mutually contradictory, non-compatible elements. My pictures are intended to combine both in a very natural way and make them a uniform whole.


To make it straightforward: My pictures do not have a consistent style and therefore also not what one would call a "recognition value". This may hurt my sales opportunities, but I do not like to work with a cookie cutter approach.
In my case, each picture has its very own creation history and its goal. I would like to transport something particular with every work of art, and from time to time always choose the technique and the medium that seems most appropriate to me. So if I have a personal style, then it is precisely this diversity.

When you get into my pictures, you will encounter strong colors, but also intense black and white shots. You will discover expressionist approaches and extensive abstractions will challenge your imagination.
I cordially invite you to go on a picture journey. Just take it with you - the pictures lead you into my world, which I like to share with you!

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