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Gopaal Seyn is a celebrated American contemporary artist of Indian origin who has exhibited his artwork in reputed galleries and produced illustrations for books & magazine covers.

Seyn has been part of a Trade and Cultural Exchange Mission between America and India in 2018 where he painted in front of an audience and his artwork is being showcased in famous art galleries across India.

Gopaal’s portrait of George H W Bush has been accepted by the President Bush Family in 2019. His portrait of Texan Owner Bob McNair was accepted by the McNair foundation.

Mr Seyn had the honor and privilege of creating an artwork for the Indian Consulate in US to commemorate the 150 birth centennial of Mahatma Gandhi. Furthermore, he received the opportunity of a lifetime by having the Indian ambassador to the US, His Excellency Harsh Vardan Shringala, unveil his work. It’s moments like these that fuel his aspirations to grow as an artist and expand the global reach of his art.

Gopaal continue to create original art pieces in his hometown of Houston and is being acquired by art collectors and investors around the world. He believes in keeping his work still affordable as his mission is to have more people own his art as personal collection.

Gopaal life mission is to make a difference in the life of kids by helping them creatively so he embarked on teaching them for over 2 decades ago, and has taught over 1500 children in his community.

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