My name is Giulia Marras.
I've started with basic natural skills and studied classic art in a ceramic art school in Sardinia Italy.
In the last four years since being in London my art has flourished and I have found my style. I'm now living in a place that is completely different to Sardinia or north Italy and it's a great surprise for me because it gives me a lot of opportunities in every aspect of my life by using my life experiences and this is reflecting on my art.
In the first months of living in London I have created my new art works called Fish Collection this one is an expression of my discomfort with the new language as I was subjected to a major change which I translated into art. From this bigger change I began to realise tremendous inner growth, both culturally and artistically that brought me to seek artists to exchange ideas. With that change brought me to leave my job to dedicate all time to express my art.
I have exhibited my new collection called The Philosophy of Lines which is about my inner growth. This collection has brought me to create complex art works about my philosophy of life. It's about drawing lines in haphazard fashion and seeing forms or looking for shapes. I'm currently implementing a series of small exhibitions about the Philosophy of Lines in Florence,London and New York.
My goal is to merge and express my philosophy in every aspect, both as an example and to express my feelings and emotionally encourage people who value my ideas.
My Philosophy of lines help me to draw who I am showing my dedication and my motivation through my passion of art.
I wish to create an artistic movement where it's possible to exchange ideas and better express the true meaning of my art with other artists.
Please visit www.Juliettart.com


Philosophy of lines collection

Fish collection