Unrevealed Artist

Unrevealed Artist


I Gitika Bhasin from Delhi, india. I did my graduation and post graduation in yoga science and yoga therapy respectively.

So, by profession I'm not an artist, I've never done any degree or course in art but I'm a self learner in this field. I do lot of mistakes and learn again and again. I hope in future I'll do some course in art and develop my skills more than now.

Now the question is.. what or who motivated me to sell my artworks? So the answer is very clear it's my family, friends and my own self .. I always love to challenge myself.. I want to see how I can achieve success in my passion.. though I'm not passionate but it's my passion.. yess... it is..!

And, As a so non-professional artist, I believe in creation, hard-work and I always want to learn more and more.. i don't think my artworks are only for me but for others too...
some artist's artworks always encourage me to do more hard... and i always do respect to all the artists from my core of the heart. I wish one day I could become a passionate ARTIST.