Art by Ginny Rossin

Art by Ginny Rossin

I am a joyful free spirit. Variety, spontaneity, bright and colorful describe my paintings and my personality. My motto is "go for it!" because saying "yes" opens unexpected opportunities, new friendships and new experiences eagerly awaiting all of us.

I have been inspired by standing in Greek temples; by the calming colors, smooth strokes and open space of Georgia O'Keefe's works; the challenging of concrete facts by Pablo Picasso; the courage to be oneself and the industry, bold colors and themes by Andy Warhol; and, the impressionists determination and unity to change the norm, in spite of being fodder for critics. I most enjoy painting abstracts, as they are so freeing for me. Deeper feelings about life are expressed in the surreal paintings, ignited by an incredible experience I had while painting "Portrait of Mattie Morfosa". The natural beauty the world has given me has best been expressed in Figures and Florals (scroll down). I have much more work to do, as expressed in my painting "Self Portrait: A Work in Progress". Click on a painting to read my comments about it. All paintings are in oils or acrylics, except "Sammy's Girl", which is in airbrush. I hope you enjoy them!

If you would like to see more of my work, you can do so by visiting my website: If you are interested in having me repost my blog, let me know!

Have a lovely day!


Surreal Works

Figures and Florals