Ginger Gilmour

Ginger Gilmour

Ginger Gilmour: celebrated artist and sculptor, activist, and former wife of Pink Floyd lead guitarist David Gilmour.

Studying for eight years with the English Visionary Artist, Cecil Collins and four years in Sculpture Principles of Rudolf Steiner, Ginger’s work has been exhibited internationally and she has had the privilege of collaborating with organisations such as the British Olympic Association, British Paralympic Association, Red Cross and was one of the 8 chosen artists for the Lloyd’s TSB Olympic 2012 initiative ‘Art of Sport’. In this, she created 23 works of art, most notably her sculpture ‘Flame of The Spirit’ which was exhibited in Heathrow Terminal 5 for 3 years.

Ginger’s paintings and sculptures radiate an awesome beauty that evokes a metaphysical interaction between the audience, the artist, and indeed the artwork itself, allowing us to touch our archetypal longing for beauty, joy, and truth. Exposing us to the inner realms where unity lies.

Ginger’s message is that our culture as we know it is at an end of a cycle, a decisive moment in the evolution of mankind. There is a new and finer experience awaiting us of such beauty and goodness. To make this possible there is a need for change. For us to change the destructive images which speak loudly within our minds & heart, to change the images our eyes witness in the ‘Spin’ all around us and have accepted as the only Truth. We need to choose to create beauty. We need to touch our divine beauty and we need to beautify…..on all levels - visible and invisible.

At the moment, her creative direction is focusing on installations that challenge the way we view the world, leaving her audience uplifted and inspired for this change because we are the change. It is Us. Peace, Love & Beauty has never left. We just need to Remember.