Clearly I need help, I need wrangling. If you see what I see, and you see what I don't see. And you think I could improve I'm not afraid to hear so.

Anyways I hope that someday these will be expanded and large on some rich assholes wall, only after countless people who hate or love my stuff 1st absorb and reject it. So you know, literally the same as every other artists dream in the history of art and dreams.

(As for my pieces some of these are unfinished, I don't expect to sell these but it can't hurt to post them.)

But getting back to the truth
I am an uneducated artist. I am teaching myself how to use color and negative space slowly but surely. Always looking for knowledge. I prefer the kind and patient passing of knowledge but I'll take it as I get it. (you watch too much "The Office")

So what I do draw is sort of a free-form abstract zen-doodle, with an overall point and theme.....sometimes. What seems to be random, in truth, is more of a subconscious projectile vomit. It's therapeutic for me to draw. After I do, I feel cleansed. Temporarily at least.

Within everything I draw I try to at least have some point/theme, but if you reject this as abstract (even though art is subjective and I'm totally not bitter so whatever) my only defense is however is sometimes that's how vomit hits the page.

I realize the definition of art varies and people will like what they like, however I do dream of the day of "paint and canvas" but right now I am comfortable (literally) drawing with my pens and pencils. I have an illness that might hold me back when it comes to the physical nature of drawing full paintings regularly. And besides, as I said, I am uneducated. But the dream remains.