(Some of these are unfinished, I don't expect to sell these or ANY of my drawings, Truthfully. Thats why I will ignore your digs about my prices.
"I don't get pissed, y'all don't even see through the mix, how the fu@k can I be white?? I don't even exist")

I am an uneducated artist. I don't know Styles and I suck with colors. Though I aim to learn.

But what I do draw is sort of a free-form zen-doodle, with an overall point and theme, not just random squiggles. Well some may seem to be, but in truth they are the projectile vomit of my subconscious. After which I do indeed feel cleansed in some way. Temporarily at least.

Within everything I draw it might be obvious what I'm trying to convey. Symbols, religious or otherwise, and some might NOT be so obvious, but either way there's some hidden inter-therapy in there. However, be warned: I will smash you over the head with the overall themes and metaphors from some of my drawings. It will be painfully obvious and laughable. But What can I say, sometimes that's how vomit hits the page.

I realize art is subjective and people will like what they like, I just dream of the day of paint and canvas but right now I am comfortable (literally) drawing with my pens and pencils. I have an illness that might hold me back when it comes to the physical nature of drawing full paintings regularly. And besides, as I said, I am an uneducated artist.