Gene Osburn's Renders

Gene Osburn's Renders

I came to creating art late in life. I was 55 when I discovered a free copy of an old version of Bryce via a computer art magazine, version 4. I did the tutorial image, and I was hooked! I experimented for weeks on end, and once I had developed a few basic skills I bought the then current version, 5.5.... Bryce was bought by DAZ 3D at about this time, so I dabbled in the DAZ Studio app as well; they created a link between the two apps to allow importation of props and posed models into Bryce for the creation of a wider range of image types. This is when I really got busy trying to create new stuff.
I joined a couple of online 3D computer art community websites and began posting my stuff for other artists to comment on. I loved the give-and-take with other like-minded folks, but I still considered myself a hobbyist for quite a while. My confidence slowly grew, though; with four or five years of 'playing around' under my belt I began to actually think of myself as an artist.
People have told me my personality tends to show in my work, that I've developed my own 'voice' as it were. So here I am, ready to share my own little corner of the world with anyone who's inclined to take a look. I hope you enjoy at least some of what I've created.
Bless you,

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