Moore Mythos Moore Art

Moore Mythos Moore Art

My name is Anita S. Moore. I enjoy painting science fiction, space escapes, a smattering of amusing fantasy, and the Cthulhu Mythos. I have been told boyfriend, and art director that my art falls into the Primitive category. One of my favorite artists, Ellen Clark, once told me that my Cthulhu Mythos work had a particular humor to it. And so it does I certainly have fun painting it. I work primarily and acrylics although I have been known to work in oil. Prints available here range from Works completed in the 90s to newer works in the mid to present 2000s.

Well I enjoy painting and drawing, I've made my living for the past 15 years building miniature Landscapes and scenery, dioramas and display pieces. I generally build for tabletop , such as Warhammer and bolt action, and Star Wars Legion. Also, Roll Playing Games, including advanced Dungeons & Dragons, Call of Cthulhu, and others. And more recently professional display environments and the occasional science project.

I'm a mom to exactly two kids who might have managed to raise to adulthood, herder of cats, and Watcher of the Woods, solver of all worlds in problems and chief bottle washer. Please enjoy your browser of my gallery and feel free to drop by my Facebook page under FooFighterubu wargame terrain Studio to check out the 3D portfolio. Thanks for dropping by

Moore Mythos Acrylic