Gata Lata

Gata Lata

My Story…
Art has always been my passion in appreciation and creation.
As a creator my works have manifested themselves in many different forms and outlets over the years.
As a wee Girl Scout I could be seen using my newly acquired pocket knife skills to turn a regular bar of soap into a floral scented masterpiece.
While other kids liked to run around and play sports I was always knotting friendship bracelets, drawing or playing with glitter and glue.
The years went on bringing me to the awkwardness that is adolescence, I persisted.
Most teens ditch to get away from school. I would ditch to squat on my schools other art class that I wasn’t enrolled in because we where only allowed to enroll in one.
In college I found blossoming womanhood, enlightened thoughts and my foot hold in painting.
My work explored, very much vulgar imagery, taking it from the literal to the abstract to the satirical.
Whatever my latest art phase, from lost wax jewelry casting to printmaking the most constant through it all was and is photography.
Each medium I have come across somehow takes hold of me and through it I am able to express different emotions and sides of myself.

La Gata currently resides in Oakland, CA.

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