Gary Vandelay

Gary Vandelay

I have heavy thoughts that scare some people.

I imagine that I'm likable but people don't agree.

I live in an alpha state half the time…observing culture.

It's easy for me to conjure up expressions in a verbal way.

It’s an image-maker to emotion sometimes...that leads to my need to share in a physical, visual medium.

I don’t attach my chain to the culture train though.

I was a job-hopper, name-dropper, songwriter and music producer...submitting songs for the big time.

Made two small albums in obscurity but ended up broke, shamed, blamed, disgusted, and blown out.

Then it hits me…I've been creating art off and on since forever.

Since then I'm making oil and acrylic paintings on canvas and wood, as well as other works, including neon.

My works are in the classical school with modern elements that can be gently disturbing.

Sometimes I do abstract geometric but on Tuesdays it's an action painting with color fields and heavy texturing.

I studied drawing at Glassell School of Art in Houston and at The Art League of Houston.

I live with my wife and our daughter in the woods of Northeast Texas mostly screaming and having fun.