Gallery Hope The Art of Loving Kindness

Gallery Hope The Art of Loving Kindness

GalleryHope® The Art of Loving Kindness is an eclectic collection of American Artists coupled with a full Door-to-door service gallery and collectibles production studio. The featured original artwork and creations are owned and copyrighted by Brian Cimins.

We seek to deliver world famous artist approved lithograph quality prints and special gifts to the world for galleries, homes, offices, college dorm rooms, martial arts academies, yoga, pilates and meditation studios, home staging, realtors and other office decorators alike.

Handmade Fish Art by Rasa Saldaitis


Joseph Milioto Air Brush Artwork

Logan Cimins Artwork and Photography

Star Wars Original Artwork

Paintings & Photography Brian Cimins

Crypto Currency and NFT Art

Christian Bible Artwork

Political Cartoons and Satire

Sports Collectibles

MMA and Grappling Superstars

Artwork & Photos by Stanley Q Upjohn

Photography by Phyllis Cimins

New Jersey Botanical Gardens

Famous Musicians

Artwork by Kaylee Cimins

Artwork by Lucia Lee Cimins

Dogs, Pets, Animals and Bugs

Original Natasha Kashanova Art

Parable of the Japanese Maple Tree

Meditate with Me

Grapplers Quest Grappling Jiu Jitsu

Hollywood Movies & Television Shows

Cartoons and Comic Strips

Peru Spirit Quest 2010-2013

Autism Awareness

Dennis G. Maida Photography