Gallery 89

Gallery 89

I am someone who enjoys art. I enjoy creating it and I feel like it is the only way i can still communicate with most people. I put many different meanings, messages, and images within these images. They all have very elaborate meanings but i give the basics of the descriptions. Try to see the different and even the contradictory meanings hidden within my pieces.

~Artist Statement~

Art is an extension of one's soul deep within the sublime depths of an emotional sea of beauty. The precious emotions and feeling art gives through the stimulation of ones senses predominantly sight. Although most things considered to be art tend to be visual, art can be in each sense as well as a combination of the senses. The entirety of the otherwise seemingly insipid existence we currently live in is art itself. I make art because I enjoy the spastic anomalous distortions I portray from my emotionally sensitive soul.

I also enjoy when people tell me how my art makes them feel deep inside themselves. I first started following my when I was completely tired of the unsaturated innocuous seven hour period of time in where I grew stale, school. Nothing caught my soul's interest in those periods of time. The thought of creating art came to my head and I eventually began creating the art I am proud to show. The art I generate is not influenced by anything other than myself, my emotions including conglomerates of my thoughts as well as feelings compiled together. I create art for the enjoyment of all who observe and notice it.