Art By Vee

Art By Vee

I am a creature of many colors. Been an Artist practically since birth, struggled with being different in a world of categorized boxes, none of which I seemed to fit in... After trying hard to fit expectations, to squeeze into pre-set roles of the job marketplace, this Artiste is happy to report that she has found a place to fit in: a little in between boxes.

I don't expect anything of my patrons, but to take in an array of emotions through my art. The world is full of love/frustration, understanding/struggle, fairness/injustice... We need to navigate life and still find happiness. GOOD still exist! You just have to find it. If you are kind, open hearted and maybe a bit impulsive, trust me: your generosity will be returned exponentially!

Have a lovely day/night!

Sincerely, Veronika N.

“Mood” Acrylic Paintings