Dixie Galapon Art

Dixie Galapon Art


I wish that I could say that I paint all day, everyday - but I do not. I have a full time job as a healthcare professional which keeps me busy most days. However I been blessed with the ability to develop and share my painterly side with others for over twenty years.

With much of my daytime hours steeped in helping others achieve wellness, I have seen too often that individuals need a bit of respite and relaxation. I paint with the hope that my work will allow viewers to have that opportunity to pause and see the beauty all around - in spite of one’s hectic life.

Even with my regular job, I still manage to paint regularly. Of course there are times when I don’t paint for weeks – and there are other times when I’m painting much more frequently. Of all the subjects I’m drawn to, I am most often inspired to paint places. Having traveled to over 30 countries, those experiences have influenced my work. I enjoy bringing the spirit of a place to others – to give viewers some inspiration and peace from the beauty that surrounds us. In addition to painting images from my travels, I enjoy painting the local San Diego scenery. That includes pictures of architecture, seascapes and landscapes. When I get the opportunity, I like to paint “en plein air”, which means painting outdoors. Those paintings are typically done in one sitting – and some of them are done at night with only the moonlight to illuminate my working palette.

I also enjoy painting cafes and pictures of food. No one can deny the how meaningful it is to gather with some friends and family over a meal. For me, growing up Filipino, food was (and still is) a central part of gathering with family and friends. I love the vibe that one often experiences in cafes – and I also love the good food that evokes that energy.

I was born in Los Angeles to two parents who had a passion for travel and a real zest for life. Both parents displayed limited artistic ability, but somehow my sister and I were both bestowed with a creative spirit. My journey began when I found some oil paints as a young teen, and created a painting for a school project.

In college I experimented with various media: charcoal and pastel drawings, ceramics and acrylic painting. I accomplished the equivalent of a minor of Art in college, yet I never got around to registering for a painting course in college. Even without any formal instruction in painting, something compelled me to keep painting in acrylics throughout my college and graduate school years.

After college, I pursued a graduate degree in psychology, yet still retained my connection to painting. Eventually I found a mentor who was most influential in shaping my artistic career. My mentor was Tetrachromat Artist Concetta Antico, owner of the Salon of Art in San Diego. It was through her instruction and guidance that I transformed from an acrylic painter to an oil painter, and thus became the vibrant artist I am today. Similarly because of her guidance, I propelled myself into further opportunities for art exhibitions, art sales and the like.

Inspired by artists like Monet, Matisse and Van Gogh, my work is a blend of impressionistic and expressionistic styles - using light and bright colors, and bold brushstrokes from those movements. As much as possible, I tend to paint alla prima (painting in one sitting), and plein air. I love the freshness of brushstroke from both methods. My work is whimsical sometimes, sometimes a bit raw – but always fun.

Will I ever let go of my day job in healthcare? The best I can say for now is “maybe.” For now I’m content with my life as is- showing others the images I love in my own style, and at my own pace.

Thank you for taking time to appreciate my work.