About Galina Lyutaeva
Dear friend!

My name is Galina Lyutaeva. I live in beautiful places of Siberia. Therefore, my paintings represent a love for nature and the world around me.

About myself briefly: From childhood I was instilled passion for drawing. And until the age of 25 I studied painting, drawing and composition techniques diligently. I tried to achieve mastery.

After graduation for many years I did not paint at all. There was a creative crisis. And there was even a fear to take brushes and paints in my hands.

But now there is again a desire to create and draw paintings. I aspire to show in my works joyful moments of life, beautiful places and people. My canvases are infused with vivid color, emotion, and texture - for lovers of impressionism. I hope that my art will make people look at things in a new way and help them see beauty in everyday things, in small details. It's very important for me to excite people, to move their hearts.

graduated from: Children's Art School, Art College and Institute (Krasnoyarsk state art Institute)


Pop Art

Nude female figure