Gagan's Art

Gagan's Art

The artist is former alumna of Delhi College of Arts and Vishwa Bharti University, Shantiniketan, West Bengal. She has her Diploma in Fine Arts from Delhi College of Arts and Certificates in Textile Designing and Metal Carving From Shantiniketan.

She Was Born in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh, India on 1st Jan 1950 to Forest Officer Shri Shirram Batta and Janki Devi. She was eight among her eleven siblings.
She found her footing at early age and started painting at age of eight. She Studied in Govt Girls Higher Secondary School, Chamba.

Chamba during those times was very small town and connected to world through a single lane road had little exposure of outside world . Being small and conservative town it was hard for girl child to imagine to move out and establish herself. She with her talent and love of art and blessings of her Parents move to Delhi where at the age of 18, she appeared for entrance in the art college and passed with flying colors.

She studied from 1967 to 1972 in Delhi College of arts in various art forms which is quite visible from her online Gallery. She studied under Prof K K Sen, Prof P N Mango and Prof Bhagat to name a few.

Looking at her hard work and talent she was sponsored by Govt to go to Vishwa Bharti University, Shantiniketan and study for 2 years, again a mile stone in her Career for a girl from small town of Himachal to reach one of the most prestigious universities in India.

She came back to Delhi and started working as a freelancer for DCM,Telco, Modi Textiles, Ayodhya Textiles, Alps Textiles.

1978 she was married to Mr P.V. Arora and settled in role of housewife in Ambala. She had few exhibitions there and later taught art at her home to budding artists. Then she joined Yogada Satsang Society and spent time meditating and caring for her family.

The artwork presented is from 1970s, hence gone old. This is just an attempt to show her work lying unnoticed for five decades.


Water Paintings



Coloured Paintings