I'm a 16 year old Haitian boy from Canada AB. I started drawing at the early age of 9 and I created interesting sketches all throughout elementary. The drawing was cool and interesting but I didn't quite like the stress it created, so I took a little break to focus on other hobbies. Due to the circumstances in the time we are all in, I brought some of my old art out, just for fun, and started playing around with it to see if I had kept this almost forgotten talent. After I had proceeded to update the picture, I thought to myself: "Why don't I try to accomplish a new piece from scratch. I promptly to action and laid out a solid sketch that I thought was pretty good (all things considered). Lots of free time and motivation cared me to think if maybe I should get back into this under raps hobby. As I progressed, I realized people might be will to forego purchasing my art. The thought of people taking an interest in something that I created would boost my confidence dramatically, therefore, keeping me motivated to do other things in my life. I would recommend you take a look at my art as it has a creative construct to it and its a small ingenious idea taken from my brain all jumbled up in one image. My art is mainly funnelled through my thoughts, feelings and emotions, these will determine how the picture will turnout. Every time I dive into another sketch, I'm transferred through a place of uncertainty as my brain spills all my crazy and unhinged thoughts on to a piece of parchment. So, please enjoy my art. (If you're interested in me drawing certain sketches don't be afraid to contact me as I'm open to drawing anything).