Gabriele Niegelhell

Gabriele Niegelhell

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I was born in Austria (Europe) and spent the first 27 years of my life there. Adventure brought me to the USA. Here in New Mexico, the land of the light, I met my husband and had my two children. From very early on, I had a love for painting, drawing, photography, and pottery and I have been creating art in one form or another all my life. Creating is my true passion and purpose - it is what gets me up in the morning. I am mostly self-taught, but also attended art classes in Austria and in the US.

All the world around and inside me provide me with unlimited inspiration. As my eyes look into this world and see all the beautiful things, my head just cannot stop creating multitudes of images that my heart and my hands want to put down on canvas or paper. With this wealth of ideas, the body of my work ends up being rather versatile, as opposed to having only one subject matter, style, or approach. I primarily paint in oil on stretched canvas however. Calm and serene landscapes and still life’s are a constant. In painting these, I gravitate between abstracted realism and contemporary impressionism. I am particularly fascinated by how minuscule changes in light and dark and color temperature affect a painting and explore these in my work. I am also interested in the limitless possibilities of color, light, and shadow itself as a subject matter and occasionally explore abstract paintings.

I believe in the idea that art pertains to the heart before the mind. And so I hope to create artwork that not only tells a story of my own, but uncovers its own special meaning to the viewer and their inner world. If I can connect you with your inner world to an intense emotional experience, then that is what makes my work meaningful.

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