Gifts By Gabby

Gifts By Gabby

My name is Gabrielle Taylor but people call me Gabby... (Something I never agreed to but have come to "embrace" over time!)
I am a former choreographer, dance studio owner and dog walker who lost her job to the pandemic!
I took up jewelry making to combat boredom, to have a routine, and try to save my sanity. I have now made over 100 colorful pieces and still enjoy unlimited daily inspiration!
Since the creative spirit never dies, I am so thankful to have found a new passion during these challenging times of loneliness, social distancing and isolation.
I hope you enjoy browsing through my items.

SETS: Own Your Elegant Style!

NECKLACES: To Enhance Your Look!

EARRINGS: The Long & Bold!

EARRINGS: The Short & Sweet!

BRACELETS: Your Wrists Be Dazzled!

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