The art of Gerald Boltz

The art of Gerald Boltz

Fine arts painter, cartoonist, and writer. Author of The Blackjack Player series of mystery/thrillers, found in most Barnes & Noble and indie bookstores.

1958 to 1959 Minneapolis School of Commerical Art. Graduated with certificate diploma
1968 to 1971 - The Academy of Art University, San Francisco, Ca. Fine arts major with emphasis on painting. Won 3 consecutive semester tuition scholarships for painting excellence.
1972 to 1974 - Sonoma State University. Continuing studies in studio arts and creative writing.

Widely exhibited around northern California from 1974 to about 1985. Represented by the Sun Gallery (when it was on Union Street), S.F. The paintings shown are what is left of my inventory. All original work is for sale.
"I would love to be represented by a gallery again and/or sell all the remaining pieces to a museum or collector. Please contact me for negotiation if interested. Painting influences were William Turner, Paul Kee, Yves Tanguy, Vasily Kandinsky, and Jackson Pollock.

Artist Statement

As an avid student of humanistic psychology, particularly the works of Rollo May, I've always been fascinated by how the human mind works. How different people given the same information or emotional stimuli could come up with radically different interpretations of reality, so it’s no surprise my work would turn towards surrealism. The school of artistic belief that images from the sub-conscience are meaningful and can affect how we think and feel and project into our daily real-world life. The images can be and often are incongruous to representational or rational thought. My work, like the Rorschach ink blob test, is an attempt to create an image, as poetically as possible, that different people will interpret differently, thereby revealing their own psychological demons.