Fresc Emocio Art

Fresc Emocio Art

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Jamie is self-taught in his field and had been greatly influenced by the American Young Artists and the culture of graffiti art in urban cities. Having helped mentor and abstract painter Jin Meyerson, he learned advanced painting techniques which allowed his ideas to evolve. Visually inspired by natural scenes, wild life, and variety of subject matter, his intentions are aimed at raising public awareness for our environment. Jamie’s prints are produced from his original drawings signed by the artist.

Purdy’s art focus on promoting and elevating insignificant details in life that we always neglect and take for granted. Simply because of their incorruptible beauty of pure arbitrary existence is natural, certain, and truthful in this disastrous and hypocritical world. Chan embrace imaginations and creativity, as they're the sources of uncontaminated joy that will open up a different dimension or universe within us in this melancholic reality. Therefore, her artistic style conveys dreamy, psychedelic and surrealistic sense of visual stimulation.
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