Freespirit Art

I am a 17yo self taught artist from Nottingham GB.
I have been home-educated all my life and self taught.
What originally inspired me to get into art was anime, so I am happy to do commissions in that style. Feel free to contact me on here or on my Facebook page for more info. Just search L.FreespiritArt on Facebook.
I have been practicing art since I was 10 years old, but mostly just used graphite and acrylics then.
I currently live in a caravan off grid, with a large family. 7 siblings, 4 of which live at home.
I generally don't do commissions for most things, other than pictures of comic book/anime characters.

Everything on my Facebook page is also for sale, so if you see anything you are interested in, feel free to ask about it. Not everything from my page is also on here.