Frances Ku

Frances Ku

Welcome to my Inspirational Art! Drawing since the age of three, I have been painting and selling watercolors since 1998, but recently started doing Inspirational Art for my own enjoyment.

I've discovered that watercolors taught me important lessons about painting and life: to let go of control, be open to surprises, and appreciate the magic moment. And only by experimenting and pushing the envelope am I able to discover a technique on my own.

So this is how I allowed the process of doing Inspirational Art to unfold, by allowing my inner flow of creativity to guide me, painting always feels fresh and exciting.

Now, digital technology has provided me with the freedom to create directly with the use of my finger on the screen, so that thought and creation are one and the same, unencumbered by physical tools and materials. This way I can express my visual concepts using efficiently and layer different media more to my desire that would not be possible in a non-virtual reality.

Virtual Art is here to stay! Be inspired.

Inspirational Art