Fran West

Fran West

Fran West is an award-winning pilot/adventurer, speaker, author and photographer. She has flown around Australia's coast in a Cessna 172, travelled in Australia, USA, UK, Europe, Asia and South America, and hiked some of the world's great walks in Tasmania, Nepal, Patagonia and Spain (

To her, photographs are such a powerful medium. A photograph is not just "worth a thousand words" it can also stimulate memories and be used to discover the world and the beauty of nature.

Through a strange twist of fate, after surviving a head on collision in a car, Fran now creates photographic productions (DVDs and interactive jigsaw puzzles on CD) for both aged care ( and children ( Her "Photos to enjoy" Kindle books are designed for children to discover the world and language but they are also great for use in aged care, students learning English and for people in general.

Fran's photos have appeared in aviation and tourist magazines and academic publications.

Trains, planes, boats, nature, landscapes and aerial photography are her specialties.

Favourite places are of course, Australia, and also Alaska, Southwest USA, Chile, Argentina, Britain and Europe.