Fractal Montreal

Fractal Montreal


Since 2010, Stephane Poirier has developed multiple software apps to automate the synchronization of visual on Audio Tracks and during Musical Events. In 2018, Poirier had the idea to develop Algorithms based on Fractal Geometry to process Photographs in order to create original Videos over Music. Initial Videos were created using Eric Desroches Photographs. For the years to come, FractalMontreal.ORG visual is made available to Music Producers and Artists around the world.


In 2018, Poirier bought a license for deriving fine artwork from the artistic nude collection of photographer Stefan Grosjean. Poirier launched NakedSoftware.ORG website that provides multimedia artwork production services as well as multimedia artwork products derived from Stefan Grosjean's photographs. In 2019, Poirier has created Fractal Montreal ArtPal account to shows a subset of NakedSoftware.ORG, FractalMontreal.ORG and Stephane-Poirier.Pixels.COM art products and to enable art lovers around the world to print some of Poirier's artworks here on ArtPal.


Prior to Fractal Montreal, Poirier has held many research positions at Laval University, University of Alberta, University of British Columbia, University of Massachusetts in Boston, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Sherbrooke and McGill University. Over the years, Poirier has also held many corporate positions in Quebec and California. He has developed commercial software for EXFO, MATROX, ISERA, CJ and XEROX.