Mr. Andersen has been involved in the publishing field since 1979. A trained science and technical writer, he also has experience in family history publishing, travel guide editing, and theatre promotional writing and design. He is highly experienced in all aspects of desktop publishing, from interviewing and writing to editing, photography, graphic design and electronic image manipulation, layout, and prepress; and has experience with web design software.

He served as consultant for such titles as World Food in the 1990s: Production, Trade, and Aid (Westview Press, 1992) and Along Interstate 80 (Educational Tours, 1993 and 1997). Mr. Andersen was Executive Editor of Life Story Enterprises, an Ankeny family-history publishing company that was later absorbed into his own desktop publishing business in Roland. Mr. Andersen has also worked as a technical writer at W.G. Jaques Corporation, a newspaper reporter and photographer, a business journalist, and a public relations consultant.

He is a versatile and imaginative individual, Children’s Librarian, a founder of the Roland Public Library, and Executive Director of Palladian Interactive Theatre. In recent years, Mr. Andersen focused on writing and publishing of children’s books and stories, including Forgotten Magics, Wimbleton of the Forest, “Brewer’s Mule,” “The Gates of Dawn,” and “Tales of the Hoofengoofers.”

Mr. Andersen edited a pastiche anthology The Affairs of Sherlock Holmes by Sax Rohmer, which is currently available online.

His puzzle/history article, “Spy Gadgetry: Espionage Equipment Designed to Fight Hitler,” appeared in the April 2000 edition of GAMES Magazine. Other GAMES articles since then have included a feature puzzle article featuring Jaspar Maskelayne, The War Magician; as well as a major illustrated puzzle article based on the characters in Mr. Andersen’s Wizard Academies book. His GAMES publications have also included a feature puzzle article about Lewis Carroll and Alice and a feature puzzle article about the Wizard of Oz. The latter two had “hidden contests” in the articles with Mr. Andersen’s books as prizes. Most Recently, his feature article “Dracula Calls Our Bluff” appeared in the July and August 2014 issues of GAMES.

Since 2005, Mr. Andersen has been publisher, director, and executive editor of the Wizard Academies series of young adult fantasy stories. He also wrote several of the books in the series, as well as the Hollywood screenplays based on the books — which were represented by International Creative Management ( ICM ). He is now working on radio drama adaptations of the stories in his Wizard Academies series as well as on his Ozark storytelling book.

In 2016, Theme Park Press company published an anthology of Mr. Andersen’s dialect stories, combining the Ozark and Iowa books along with several previously unpublished dialect folk tales set in Alaska and other parts of the United States.

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