Faye Rose Art

Faye Rose Art


Faye Rose is an artist and painter from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
With over 40 years of experience, Faye’s work spans many mediums with
a focus on portraiture with energetic color and an impressionist sensibility.

"I  have been drawing, painting and creating since my earliest memory.
All my life I was fascinated by women, fashion and color. My career has spanned
from fashion illustration to graphic design like the NJTransit BUS, to photo retouching, serious portraiture and now abstract expressions!

I received a BFA from Syracuse University and then went on to study with some of the greatest contemporary artist of our time, including Nelson Shanks, Aviva Gold, & Anna Rhodes.

I love painting commissions because they are so personal. I love capturing the essence and soul of the subjects desires in my paintings and take great pride in making sure the love shines through... oxoxo

My work can be abstract, impressionist, or realistic. But they all have a common denominator. Rich, Bright, Beautiful COLOR. I am drawn-to bright, electric colors in my paintings. I “see” the world through eyes that seem to see beyond. I see the energy in the luscious paint pigment.

Each painting is a story...and contains emotion. Whether the painting was done “En Plein Air” in France, on a beach, more recently while sitting vigil for my mom in the hospital, or creating a fantasy painting for one of my clients... I am always thinking of the next painting...
I hope one of my pieces touches your heart and speaks to you...creating more
JOY in your life."

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