Hi there - the name is Monareng Lesego, popularly known as FINNTHE3RD, nice to meet you.
I am a millennial, more accurately, a Gen - Z born in South Africa who constantly seeks ways to expand his horizons using the knowledge, skills and expertise gathered over the years.

• A brief description about me...
- Motivated professional for and student of life with an exemplary work ethic and passion to progress within the Arts, Business and Science world.
- A male born in the 18th of May 2001.
- Being born in South Africa is an automatic given that one has to be well versed in their languages. I am able to speak isiZulu, siSwati and a bit of Tsonga, with my home language being Sepedi and leaving English (UK) as my median language.

My mission in life is to find success (like everyone else) and instill what I've learned to those who may still struggling to find their stride.
I joined Upwork late June 2021 ( amongst other multiple websites) as a freelancer and opened a Facebook page (The Creative Edge) almost instantly so that I can guide other people to land on their feet as well.

• My Interests And Skills...
- I am well versed in almost anything, from calisthenics to cooking, but if I were to choose my top three skills, it would be Drawing, Physics and Writing.
- As of 2021, I am still a novice when it comes to programming (JavaScript) and Data Entry.

• My Drawing Career...
- With over Four years of professional experience in drawing, I have learned a multitude forms/types of drawing. These are semi realistic, portraits, anime and cartoons, engineering drawing ( Isometric, first and third angle orthographic projection), landscape and digital arts.
- The earliest that I can remember when starting to draw was in my fourth grade and I was 8 or 9 years old at the time. It was the day after watching The Ghost Rider (Movie) and I was trying to draw him and my aunt thought I joined a devil's worshipers group or something... The memory is a bit blurry, in all retrospect I think that is where my passion for drawing began.

Enough about me... To those who are still trying to find their stride. Never give up!
We are in a day where things are fast paced it is becoming more difficult to land on your feet, but you need to remember that Nothing Worth Having Comes Easy and "To Be Successful, You Need To Model Other Successful People - By Wesley Virgin."

I look forward to be working/hearing from you!