Finger in every studio is a company started by a passionate art lovers, which aims to bring the craftsman and craft lovers together. Here many artisan from different parts are joined for the purpose, THE ART. Everyone has their own uniqueness in their artifact's. We are happy to have a community of art lover's which will bring the diverse products into the hands of an art enthusiast

We provide wide range of art and craft supplies making Finger in every studio a soup to nuts store. We take pre orders and the customer's can express their view of craft to be presented and our artisan's are happy to deliver the craft of customer's idea.

We even have an access fir digital download. Anyone can order the product from any nook and corner of the world and can get their product, which will be sent through mail and can be used as wall frame, prints on t-shirt, radium art etc.

The aesthetic antique collector's item are also delivered based on the availability. The need of the customer is satisfied by Finger in every studio all these days by providing crafts of customer's desire. It aims to continue to provide the same service in future days.

Digital Downloads