Eye Candy Arts

Eye Candy Arts


I've experienced a great love of art since I was a small girl growing up in Western Pennsylvania. As a 3rd generation artist, I am also proud to be raising up 2 very talented 4th generation artist's plus another child with a great musical gifting. Together, we make up the team here at Eye Candy Arts!
With a variety of vision and our love of God, we are constantly inspired to create for the creator! Producing a mix of spiritually inspired pieces, fan art, pop culture pieces, room design, larger than life wall mural paintings and natural photography, Mad-Hatter Arts has been contracted by families, township and festival events for over three years.
Also available for private events including art parties, face painting fun, Henna Tattoo parties and more; we are fully equipped professional artists experienced in marketing arts, web design, illustrations, mural work, digital renderings, photography and editing; with a combined experience level that has spanned over thirty years.

Ink drawings


Pieces of Pittsburgh