Evolved Harmonics

Evolved Harmonics


Hi! We are Evolved Harmonics and we're deeply into sacred geometry stuff and we only make designs steeped in the basic harmonics of this healing system.

All the images are originally drawn by hand and have a sacred geometry base grid: which means they have an innate harmonizing effect on the human body (and mind).
By interacting with a Totem you entrain your body's frequency to a certain harmony.
Interacting can mean: being in the same living or working space as the print or coloring the print in your own colors.
You can choose which ever course of action you feel most drawn to.
Our view on the matter is that when you color a Totem you infuse the Totem with your own creative energy signature.
Our personal believe is, that by doing this, you're 'loading up' the Totem as well as giving power to the connection between the two of you.
When a Totem is hanging in your living or working environment it has a soothing effect on the people, because the cells in your body recognize the harmony of the underlying geometry grid.
What we believe is that our bodies resonate with their surroundings and innately commune with their environment on an energetic level.

So, enjoy the Totems and work together with them!
We wish you a Transformational journey,

blessings from us,
Evolved Harmonics.

Transformational Totems

Transformational Totems II