Artificial intelligence-generated art is what we’re passionate about. Our mission is to pull artificial intelligence (AI) out of conventional AI carriers (phones, computers, cars), copy it and make it beneficial for even more everydai life stuff like music, limoncello and art. Art that will get you somewhere. Art with the purpose of getting you out of bed, setting and achieving your goals by going outside and getting sh*t done.

Our art focuses on Icons. Iconic watches & cars that'll motivate you to make more money; iconic people to help you remember to be as cool as your role models; iconic houses that will inspire you to not walk but run the extra mile. Everydai of the week.

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Want to print yourself?
No problem! We’ll send you a high-quality file for $12. Just send us an email at Everydai.art@gmail.com

Want something custom?
We can run your image of choice by our algorithms, AI-ing the f*ck out of it and send you back the results at a fair price. We’d also love to help you brainstorm and optimize your ideas. Just hit us up at Everydai.art@gmail.com

How do we make this?
We train our self-produced algorithm to deeply understand several 'styles' of images. Then, we feed content to the algorithm, telling it to 're-draw' the content image in the style of the style-image. We never know what the algorithm will spit out, but we are learning more and more to cooperate with it and get it to produce nice-looking paintings.

[all images are of the highest quality - if you're on your phone and it seems blurry, please try a pc]