Erin Trombley Art *

Erin Trombley Art *

"God enters through the wound."
~ Carl Jung

Erin Trombley Art* was created to share one of my daughter's many gifts with all who knew her, and to bring awareness to all who may know someone like her. She struggled for many years, if not a lifetime, ultimately taking her own life. Suicide is often misunderstood and trying to find the needed help at the time was simply... too late, in coming. I have since learned that it might have been pivotal to see an endocrinologist and have a deep panel hormone test done (before, or in addition to) entering rehab, counseling, therapy, and vital in seeing a psychologist or psychiatrist. Erin was depleted of all hormones at the time of her death. Had we had any knowledge of this or that an endocrinologist treats the body as a whole (understanding the role of hormones in regards to cognitive function better than any other specialist), she might have had a fighting chance. Outwardly and physically, she appeared vibrant, strong, and healthy. Internally, mentally, and emotionally, we could not begin to understand. An endocrinologist should be a starting point in the medical field for anyone who has any kind of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, bipolar, borderline, etc., not a psychiatrist. I'm taking this opportunity and platform to pass on this information and if you know someone who is struggling- even in what may seem the smallest of ways, I implore you to dig deeper for your own knowledge and pass it on.

Erin was kind, intelligent, creative, funny, beautiful - and so much more. Here is small window into her soul, a mere fragment of who she was here and where her spirit still shines. She was a GIFT.

There are no words for my loss...and no measure for my LOVE.
XO Momb

* All profits will be donated to a local animal shelter in her honor.

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