All Profits to Charity: Profits from the sale of the art in this series go to the EndLocalHunger™ program: www.endlocalhunger.org

Though I started my working life as a civil engineer, and then morphed into a management consultant, my ‘off screen’ focus has been on creative ways to address the deep seated phenomenon of hunger and poor nutrition among the under-served communities in USA. Ironically, 1 in 7 Americans face hunger. The hungry person could be a neighbor, a friend, a co-worker; many are veterans. To address this problem, we created the EndLocalHunger™ program which donates healthy, tasty, and easy to cook BagOfLife® meals to the under-served community through food banks, community service organizations, and college/university food pantries.

Along with creative cooking, photography is a enjoyable hobby. I try to capture messages in the photos I take and each has its own story.

None of the photos in this series have been “photo shopped.”

Thank you.