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Miracle Art Gallery


Enrico Miguel Thomas is an emerging artist currently residing in New York City. He has been drawing since the age of eight and hopes to to teach the world through his creativity that art brings new life. He holds a fine art degree from Pratt Institute and has been recognized both nationally and internationally for his beautiful and complex architectural drawings of the city of New York. Enrico is currently engaged in a project about the New York City Transit System involving the translation of the everyday life of the New York City subway commuter, into his beautiful architectural drawings. He is also known for using the actual New York City Subway map as his drawing paper! Most recently Enrico was featured in a national TV Spot by Sharpie US, and has illustrated a children's book. Ultimately Enrico wants to inspire and teach the world to look within rather than without for personal happiness and the spark to create.

ABC Saucer

Times Square

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