Emily Whiting

Emily Whiting


We race past the world at 60mph and only experience the weather that occurs between the door of our car and the door of the building, but yet we wear the veil of an expert of all things that are important in this world to our facebook friends. How much beauty could there be that we do not see?

It is said that one may safely look upon something 999 times, but to view it for the 1,000th time one runs the very real risk of seeing it for the very first time.

Realism as an artistic style has such greater depth of language than the one-liners commonly found in Contemporary Art can communicate. Realism also allows for the application of so many techniques of hidden meanings, depth of feelings, and more meaningful stories to tell which is why, no matter how many art fads come and go, Realism will always powerfully return. This is why people tend to sit on the benches and stare at the art in rooms of art galleries where there are Realist and Sur-Realist art on the walls, but walk through the rooms of Contemporary, Modern, and Post-Modern Art. People stay for the art that provides meaning and leave where it is vacant.

As best as I can, I try to employ techniques that were developed by The Old Masters (Rembrandt, Caravaggio, Van Eyck, etc.) in order to enhance the art's visual power.

8" x 8"

9" x 12"

12" x 12"

12" x 16"

16" x 20"

Garden Pavers