Thank you for checking out my art page!
I create digital art, mixing photos, drawing, and editing together. My artwork usually starts as a photo of something beautiful or unique I’ve taken. Sometimes I’ll see an image and let my imagination go wild and see where it takes me. Other time I see the art clearly and I just draw what I’m seeing. (like what Michael Angelo said about chipping away the marble.) When I’m not creating my own art I also really enjoy collaborating on a project WITH someone. Ill incorporate their ideas and vision to come up with a visual representation of what they imagine. Its such an amazing feeling to me when they see their ideas come to life through my art! I’m always learning and challenging myself to grow and motivated to keep expanding and learning new skills and techniques along the way. Thank you for visiting my page! Hope you like what you see And feel free to reach out to me on my facebook page or email anytime if you’re interested or have any questions :)

Facebook: @eloramoreart
Email : eloramoreart@gmail.com

Photograph to art


Imagine the Skies and earth

Dragonfly experience

Nammu: our Mother Earth

Beauty in darkness