Elles BB, an artist ‘in’ format.

In later life she started painting, first with some shaky steps, but soon she experienced appreciation and recognition in her own environment and after several years abroad as well. When you ask her to tell something about herself or to write something down, she says, "I paint". That statement is significant for her work, it is what she does.

All her life she has been involved in design, decoration and fashion. As such she worked for a number of famous Dutch interior architects. She herself had a shop in Deventer for a long time. First vintage and curiosities and later American seconds in combination with fashion. She always tried to beautify her environment. She can only find rest and peace in an harmonious environment. And when there is none she will create it.

Why did you start painting, I asked. Her answer was amazing. You would expect quite a story about training, art school and being abroad. But she said, "I was with my sister at an art supply shop and my younger sister bought a number of small canvases and then I thought, let’s give it a try."

Anyone can put something on a canvas, but you cannot describe that as being Art right away. That is up to the spectator. That environment gets bigger because you are noticed. Elles paints large canvases with panache. You might say that she sculpts her canvases. She hardly ever uses a brush, but mostly she works with a painters knife or anything else within reach. Usually she works "wet in wet" because she is always in a hurry. She says to be in a "flow" and cannot stop. Most artists, you meet, say that see something in vision. Elles can’t, she cannot visualize anything in front of her mind’s eye. It means for her that she starts working with a vague feeling and then the creation comes to be. And by that time she sees what she made after all.