Born in Tuscany, inspired by the ancient masters of her city - Florence - and always surrounded by Art, Elisa Bracciali discovered the world of ceramics about 15 years ago.

Led by her natural instinct of helping people, she began last year a project known as "ART FOR LIFE", whose purpose is to DONATE 30% of each ARTWORK PRICE to a local no-profit association, chosen together with the future owner. In this way, it's possible to help several associations.

Her dream is to spread such a new way of living & buying art throughout the world so that an art collector/buyer will have a double pleasure: the pleasure of getting his/her artwork and the pleasure of supporting someone who needs help...

Accompanied through these years by her beloved wise 90-years-old master, she has learnt both the ancient techniques and the most modern ones. She aims to merge the roughest, most natural and oldest material, CLAY, with the most shining and precious one, GOLD... The result is a mix of elegance, warmth and glamour.

Now, it's time to enjoy some of her latest one-off artworks participating to such a unique project ...