Ed Yo

Ed Yo


I am the author of 'The Bullied World of Paulie Boone', now available through Amazon on Kindle and paperback. It's the story of a teenager struggling to find the truth of his life. Bullied, traumatised and vengeful, he appears to live in a fantasy world. But maybe nothing is as it seems.

Of course, I am also the painter of 'Oksana's Universe of Good, the cover art that accompanies the book. It was my first attempt at using oils and my debut artwork.

I will paint more in time, when I write 'The Hidden World of Paulie Boone' - but that might change yet! As I write it, I will paint it, just as I did with Oksana's Universe of Good.

I worked as a college lecturer, but gave it up to go travelling the world, just as Covid struck! I've had to learn how to adapt quickly in a time of great uncertainty.

But life is for living, right? I'm always searching, looking to the Bible for inspiration, let's never forget the parables of the Ten Minas (Luke 19:11) and Parable of the Talents (Matt 25:14). Unless you try, you'll never know, and God loves a trier!

Best wishes to anyone who buys my artwork or indeed buys the books of Paulie Boone and his strange, strange world.